Here we go again!

It’s no secret that I have been battling the bulge for a few years now. I have blogged about it, I talk about it and people that see me know that my weight see saws. One minute I look slimmer, the next I’ve piled on the kilos and six months later it falls off! I don’t even have a definite dress size. I fluctuate between 2 sizes and that can be a real problem considering I like to shop.

Anyways, I’ve been gaining weight in the past few months and I was thinking about why this is then I realized that it’s the ultimate price I pay for being such a control freak. I like prioritizing. Who am I kidding? I love prioritizing! I like to know at every moment what’s important and what’s not. I sweat and give it my all. The problem however, is that I’m usually left out of my list. I get so bent on perfecting certain aspects of my life that I hardly turn around and think, what about me as a person? Forget my education, forget my career, forget my religion, forget my family, forget my relationships, what’s in it for Fatima B?

My sinusoidal weight gain is also as a result of poor motivation. I miss the days when I was such a fitness freak. Now I rarely have time to take a walk in a day. It’s like I look at the mirror and go “Hmmm girl, you’ve got to lose that tummy!” That makes me exercise more. But then I get satisfied and stop exercising so little miss tummy is back again! *sigh*

You now who else has this problem? Oprah Winfrey! And here’s the weird part – We have the same birthday! So I’m thinking maybe it’s a January 29 thing! Do you have the same problem Pam and Ilham?

So while we are on the topic of birthdays, you know what will make a *wink* wonderful present? This!

The Gregorian New Year’s Eve celebration sign in Times Square New York was powered by stationary bikes!

“Six bicycles with generators connected to batteries are available for the public to pedal at the “Duracell Power Lodge” located at 1540 Broadway (between 45th & 46 th streets). Approximately 230 hours of pedaling are required to light the sign for about 10 to 15 minutes”

How cool is that?  I could use one of those! Imagine living in a house that has all the electricity powered by exercise! Who needs motivation? The lack of electricity is enough to get me off my bum and cycle cycle cycle! Although being a post-grad students with almost no time, I need a more efficient bike. You hear me, Duracell? I need a good efficient bike to power my little apartment!

It’s a new year and even though I’m not one to make resolutions, I think I should jump onboard Oprah’s Best Life series and taking up Bob Greene’s Back to Business plan. It looks really good because it’s a transition process of changing your entire lifestyle one tiny step at a time. Since I’m moving to a new apartment, it only makes sense that I start now. I think that’s much better than my usual sudden bouts of exercise that lose their novelty after 2 – 3 months. Anyone wanna take up the challenge? I have one friend onboard but the more the merrier! Besides it’s always good to have someone to whinge to and to drag you away when you’re craving a burger. I must warn you though that my cardio/endurance is pretty good (if I say so myself :), I am a swimmer after all), but my speed is just moderate (on land, that is – put in water and I’m zooooooooom). Oky I better stop now, I’m beginning to boast! I better go back to packing my flat! Moving to my new apartment tomorrow InshaAllah – I’m quite excited but scared at the same time. I’m going to be blogging more often 🙂

Happy Hijri & Gregorian New Year!

All the best with keeping your resolutions!

Chubby, chubby Love!

Fatima “Garfield” Bukar

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