Update! + My favourite Drinks! (with cool photos)!

I started the year on the 5th of January, with barely 2 weeks of holiday while the rest of the uni started in March/End of February (they had 2.5 months of holiday!). So when UWA gave us this week off I thought “phew finally I have a few days off at Easter to let me relax, fix my attitude and get all happy and psyched for the next half of the semester”. Oh, how wrong I was. This pseudo-holiday is just a bribe to prevent students from filing Human Rights Violation lawsuits against this UWA! I mean seriously? Right after the break I have 3 mid semester exams! Medicinal Chemistry, Infectious Diseases and Pathology. For medicinal chemistry I think I’ll do okay but for Infectious Diseases I have to remember like a million different pathogens and the drugs they respond to! I’m going to Officeworks when shops reopen tomorrow morning to buy myself a stash of flash cards!

*sigh* My life (or lack thereof) is pretty much gloomy. No matter how I try to cheer myself up I know that at the back of my mind I have something due soon, something to study for! “Those worksheets you stashed at the back of the folder are not going to do themselves, Fatima!”
I sleep with half my eyes open and with my heart worried that I have some unfinished business to sort out with the books! It’s like that Hausa saying:

“Hutun jaki da kaya a kan shi!”

Meaning, to be like a donkey resting with a heavy load on its head.

Come to think of it, I have been snoring like a donkey these days! I’m so tired I hee-haw in my sleep! Last night I snored so loudly I actually woke myself up! That never happens. I only snore when I’m extremely tired and to snore every night is surely not a good sign!

Anyhows, the rant is over. I hate to dwell on something for too long without doing anything about it. So I’m off to the pharmacy building to get some work done. But before I go, I’ll leave you with a few things that really, really cheer me up!

My Favourite Drinks!

Note: The pictures were uploaded using the bestest photo hosting site ever! It’s called phlook and you can actually comment on the picture directly by clicking on the buttons around it! Also you can give it a heart if you love it! 😉 I photoshopped my description by the way, not phlook.

Ice chocolate


Self explanatory…. Can get them almost everywhere! But the yummiest one is from Terazza! It’s Loveliness! Don’t try the one from Miss Maud’s! I love miss Maud’s and everything, but heir ice chocolate is not good, to be polite! Tastes a bit dilute yoghurt or soy milky! Either that or they served mine with milk that had gone off! Yuck!

Bubble Tea


I was introduced to bubble tea by my crazy Hong Konger Debbie Pun in 2004, and I have been hooked since then! I love getting it from Utopia! But they recently switched to environmentally friendly but ugly and opaque containers!

My favourites are

Passionfruit tea with sago

Grape Snow with Grape Jelly or Lychee Jelly

Lychee Tea with Grape jelly

Apple green tea with Sago

Mango Snow with Rainbow jelly

The list and combinations are endless…

Lemon Lime!


Ahhhhhhh! Refreshing!

Dome Espreski!

The only way to get me to have coffee! They come in a variety of different chocolates! My favourite is Fluffy Koala – it’s got caramello koalas blended in……enough said!

Boost Smoothies

Very very healthy! Favourite Flavours are Tropical Storm and Berry Berry Nice! Mmmmmmm!

Now I’m hungry!

I do apologise for a long silence but my life had had so many ups and downs in the past few months, I’ll detail it in another entry soon, mmkay?

Lotsa yummy yummy love,

Fatima Bukar.

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3 Responses to Update! + My favourite Drinks! (with cool photos)!

  1. šå₥ïřå says:

    First!!! I miss you!!!..*Sniff<3

  2. Lauren says:

    YUMMYYYYY…I LUV ur choices …. i agree the terazza does a pretty good ice choc (maybe i will have 2 come back 4 one haha)

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