Easter + San Churros = A very Chocolaty Week!

Thankfully, my Easter break wasn’t as bad as I thought it
would be. I mean, sure I had like a million mid-semester exams to study for,
but  I also have wonderful, wonderful
friends that just know exactly what to do to lift my spirit. CHOCOLATE! Lots
and lots of it! Who says you have to celebrate Easter to get Easter eggs? I got
quite a lot of those from wonderful people.

Since I had finally had time to go out, my dearest UWA
hijaby friends took me to this new café in Fremantle called San Churro.


*Photo quality not the best, but I have a very “can’t-be-bothered” attitude these days. Besides, my camera felt very intimidated next to Hadija’s Fujifilm DSLR.*  I need an SLR!

We caught the train from the city and had a friendly run in with a “Jesus loves you” person. He was a very nice guy though, cute too but let’s not get into that!

Now San Churro is no ordinary café, it’s a “Chocolateria” as they put it. Everything in there is chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Can’t get enough of it! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! The Fremantle branch is the only one in Perth although there are lots in Sydney and Melbourne! Hodan and Hadija had been there in Melbourne and they thought it would be nice to share in the fun and take us there too (isn’t that sweet? If I knew how wonderful the place was I would’ve kept it my dirty little secret! :P) I hear they are looking to open one in the City and Subiaco which is like 5 minutes from where I live  (Hehehe, probably not a good thing, aye jelly belly?). Jelly belly? wobble if you hear me! *woot woot*


Their menu is very impressive!


They had these Spanish doughnuts called churros and they are so crispy (probably because they’re sinfully fried!) and they’re served with two sauces (you have a choice of milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate or Spanish caramel) 🙂 even though I love chocolate so much I had to admit though, it was too much of an overload because there’s only so much you can have in one sitting. I decided to share a plate with Hala.

Amal ordered the chocolate cake. It was soooo good! Especially the texture! I don’t like solidified chocolate cakes! Better than most chocolate cakes but not as good as my favourite (Death by Chocolate from King’s Street Café in the city).

The girls all had Hot-Colds. Pretty much hot, molten chocolate with a scoop of ice cream.


Since I don’t dohot drinks, I got the Mango Shake; White Chocolate milkshake with fresh mango.

We walked out feeling overchocolated! We ended up going to the beach. Enjoying the last few days of sunshine before the winter starts. It’s already been raining almost 2 – 3 times a week. I’m guessing this autumn is going to be short lived…Oh well, winter should be fun! Especially since I have my new San Churro love! If you don’t see me for days – months, just assume that I have exited this suffering-and-smiling student life to become the resident rodent that lurks the store room at San Churro’s in Fremantle!

“What? I’m too big to be a rat? Ever been to Benin-city? The
one in Edo state? Have you seen their rats? Obviously not!”

Lots of chocolaty
lovu lovu that will make your heart do yori yori

Fatima “San Churrina” Bukar

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One Response to Easter + San Churros = A very Chocolaty Week!

  1. angela says:

    omg this is in freo? i have never seen it…

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