Nigerians are not the the worst internet scammers!

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2 Responses to Nigerians are not the the worst internet scammers!

  1. musa says:

    Hey there, nice innovation- the voice thing. Anyway I\’ve been following and enjoying your blogs 4 like a year now (actuall I read them when all else around me feels like……..u know). So about the 9ja expirience stuff. I\’m a Master Student in Nottingham (china campus) studying Finance and Investment. As I was returning from 9ja this semester I had some \’koko\’ making powder (whitish in nature) in my luggage. And guess what they thought it was- because my passport had the N-word on it- Coacaine. Man, the airport securities wasted my time cunducting tests and counter test to figgure out what it was. In the end they had to ask; what\’s this for? I told them it was for \’akamu\’, \’koko\’, \’kunu\’ (though they didn\’t understand)………. well to cut it short, then they appologised for keeping me, but that was when it was my turn to show them…. I started \’raking\’,,,\’halaring\’ on why the hell they were discriminatory in luggage checking, they started appolagizing even more. and in the end they begged me not 2 create a scene. So my advice to anyone is, when ur right is UNDUELY infinged because u r 4rm 9ja….then show them what it means to be from 9ja……..AREA….

  2. Curious says:

    Forget the scam articles, blogs and pseudo-sweet-voiced audios in combating discrimination — I hear sucker-punching a motherfucker in the face works best! 😉

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