The Return of Marty Simpson

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I love reality TV. Well, not just reality TV but good reality TV shows. Idol, X-Factor, Talent, Big Brother Australia (yes, I admit it!), Masterchef, ANTM you name it, I love it! Although I draw the line at Koko Mansion or anything related to Flavour of Love or Playboy Mansion type stuff. Currently loving True Beauty.

Sidenote – I think Koko Mansion is such a waste of time! I hate judging
people’s personality because I  usually think "Who am I to judge? I’ve
got my bad, what makes me think I’m better than them." But Koko mansion…. No comment. I’m not saying the contestants are bad, no I’m
saying the show is WHACK! I knew I wouldn’t like it even before I
watched it and yes, I judged the book by it’s cover (or in this case, judged
the show by it’s misogynistic cover-boy). Watched a few clips from
Nigezie’s YouTube Channel and …..well, NO COMMENT. Do you watch Koko
Mansion? What are your views? Post a comment

Here’s Marty Simpson, my favourite male contestant from Australian Idol 2007.

He didn’t really stand out at the audition stage but he sung the Fray’s Cable Car at the top 24 and completely won me over. My friend Savi used to think I was a loser for voting for Marty but babes, we were 20 year olds that swooned over idol contestants, I think we were both losers! 😛

His voice is very chilled and laid back – think Jason Mraz. He had a few original work even when he was on idol but even his covers had an exceptional originality and inventiveness to them. There’s a clearly a lazy reggae influence in his style which I totally adore.

Why am I filling your ear with Marty Simpson? because he’s back! He is
set to release an album sometime this year (not sure when) but I can’t
wait! in the mean time, listen to his Aussie idol performances to understand what I’m talking about.

Here he sings "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam and  "Won’t back down" by Tom Petty (I prefer his version of Last kiss!).

Another Highlight – he performs "You sexy thing" by hot chocolate.

Oh and one more thing. Sorry to break your hearts ladies but he’s still dating Lana Krost from Idol 07! I seriously thought they were just rumours but it’s been 2 years and they’ve got very recent lovey dovey pictures on myspace. *sigh*

It’s not everyday you come across "non-mainstream" Aussie singers and when I do I get super excited. will let you know when the album is out.

Lot’s of Martilicious Love

Fatima B 🙂

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