Much ado about…Lipstick?

There are certain times when studying pharmacy really kicks my butt (like now) that my mind wanders off the weirdest most random things. Most of the time, I’m thinking about what I’d rather be doing than this.

Today, while struggling hard to learn certain Health Economic concepts for a big test on Tuesday, I’m thinking of how cool it will be to be the person with the job of cuttng up lipstick samples? Not sure what I’m talking about?

You know how you see it in magazines? Magazines never show lipsticks in their small retractable tubes. They show them detached, cut up and sometimes smeared. Kind of like this.

So I’m wondering…

Whose job is it to cut it up?

Do they require special training?

Do they cut it up with a craft knife? Kitchen knife? Pen knife? Some electric knife?

Are they allowed to touch it with their bare hands or do they wear gloves?

What happens to the lipstick after the photos have been taken?
Do they throw them away or do the Magazine staff use it?

Do they put it back into it’s retractable case?

As an awoof lover, am I allowed to take some?

Do they melt them into lipgloss?

Is that how they make lip palettes?

As a wannabe pharmacist, the first thing that comes to my mind when I see cut up lipsticks in magazines are suppositories. The similarity is uncanny.

What came first? The lipstick or the suppository?

Who copied whom?

Did the suppository inventor see a person using a lipstick and decided “Why not make suppositories like that?” Or was it the other way around?

Either way it would’ve been gross. I assume.

Do they use the same base to make both products?

Are suppositories just lipstick without the colour? Lipsticks infused with drugs?

If accidentally interchanged, will lipsticks provide the same laxative effects as glycerine suppositories?

Are lipsticks just drug-free, overdressed and over priced suppositories?

Last year in compounding labs, we made suppositories with disposable plastic moulds. Is that how lipsticks are made too?

How about those “Magic Lipsticks” that we had in Nigeria when I was a kid?

Those mysterious novelty ones that are green but when you put them on your lips they appear red or pink, how do they work?

Are they like those “mood” rings? Then why don’t they change back to green when you’re cold?

Does anyone remember studying make-up for Home Economics JSS WAEC? Do you remember that page in the textbook that shows you how to apply lipstick? It has a lady applying A LOT of lipstick ad then blotting it with paper. Whenever I read that pageI wondered "Why apply so much in the first place if she’s going to blot it out anyway?"

My favourite Lipstick of all time is Maybelline New York’s Sangria Splash Wet Shine Fusion Lipstick

Sadly, I think Maybelline has stopped producing it cos I can’t find it anywhere! Did they not want to be associated with me?

My favourite Red lipstick is Dark Cherry by DB Savvy (An Aussie brand). Looks perfect on dark African skin. Doesn’t have that annoying "looks red but appears orange" effect.

Dyu know what I do to stop lipstick from sticking to my teeth? (Do you even care, really?)

I’ll leave you with this – A lipstick scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Longer version available HERE

Lots of Long Lasting Lip Colour and Shine Love

Fatima 🙂 🙂

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2 Responses to Much ado about…Lipstick?

  1. -Shah.Sha.Sha Xi Da 莎希达. - says:

    woman – talk about random lol. -_-; that\’s a suppository? i tot it was a tampon -_-; tot suppositories are round @-@ man dunno anything about drugs.

  2. Lauren says:

    HAHAHA…. thats hilarious. hmm… im not sure anyone has ever thought of the similarities betweeen lipstick & the suppository… until now!! maybe they will start making suppositories in different colours? 😛

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