That darn typo!

So i was just answering an Augmentin case study due tomorrow morning, and since this was somewhat last minute, i happened to be typing really fast. I hardly ever cross check my work (which is a very bad habit, kids). In fact, whenever I read my past blog posts I always go tut, tut, tut! But today, I decided to skim through my case study just in case my answer didn’t make sense. Then I found this

Do you have any idea how inappropriate that word is? (Or am I the only one with a perverted mind?)

Now before you tell me "You should’ve looked at the red line," Pages (Mac Word processing software) always underlines words that are not written in American English and you can’t change it to any other languages (intolerant much?) and since I have to hand in my assignments in UK or Aussie English, many words get the red underline. It seems with time I am learning to ignore the underline and this nearly made me hand this in!

Other stupid typos I have committed

When I was studying my foudation at Taylors, I did really well in English. My essays were always praised and one time, my argumentative essay even made it to the community Newspaper! So in the peak of my "English success" I handed in a huge essay about Courage and Endurance, thinking once again, I was going to top the class. When I got it back, I had absolutely no corrections, tick, tick, tick all the way through and even posisitve remarks! But somehow, I had lost 5%. I kept checking and checking and there it was – right at the concluding paragraph…. I meant to write:

"… from this analysis, we can deduce Sarina Russo’s father …"

but instead, I wrote

"… from this analysis, we can seduce Sarina Russo’s father …"

Embarrassment is an understatement of my situation that day.

I had to go and apologise to Sue, my English teacher and for the next few days couldn’t even look her in the eye.


The most embarrassing one! – A few years ago I was msn chatting with a guy I had a huge crush on (Oh, da good old days!). We hadn’t chatted in a while and he asked me if I was avoiding him, to which I replied.

"No I’ve just been very busty these days!"

Busty instead of Busy!!!! What’s worse? I didn’t realise until he replied with a ??? Gosh, I just wanted to sink into the ground and never resurface again! So embarrassing and it could’ve easily been true! Stupid double entendre typo! Shame things didn’t work out with him though (and NO! it wasn’t because of the Typo!….I think….) Hehehe, dude had other issues! Anyways that’s history now though. I think he is married… probably to a girl that can spell properly *sigh*

What’s the worst typo you’ve committed?

P.S. I was just watching Dexter’s Lab online and realised how much I miss it 🙂

Lots of Louve Kove Lover Louvre Luve Love

Fatima "Ba Turanci" Bukar 🙂

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4 Responses to That darn typo!

  1. YaBalu says:

    dear Fatima, what can i say- it happens to the best of us. hope u r doing ok thou, warts(in ur case typo errors) n all. hows Ramadhan down under? All the best n just in case u want to hear stories abt being a real-time pharmacist when u come back( if u r comin back) let me know- im living the life! take care n all the best in ur studies.- nbif u fine em errors here, keep them, they r urs,lol

  2. -Shah.Sha.Sha Xi Da 莎希达. - says:

    omgdness – that busty bit killed me! y rmind must hv been out of sorts when u said it -_-; to yr crush some more aich~ @-@no typo or tongue slip from now on ok, woman! or suffer the consequences ^-~ lolhugs,-sha-

  3. Fåtímå says:

    Salam Yabalu! It\’s so good to hear from you 🙂 Hope every thing\’s been great. Ramadan is not too bad because the weather in Perth is still kind of winter so we have shorter days than last year. How about you? Where are you now?Wow, it\’s almost as if you\’d read my mind. IA I\’ll be finishing my degree by July next year and I am very confused on what to do next. It will be really nice to hear from real-time pharmacists! I love how you mentioned you\’re living the life, I want to live the life too! Hehe! What\’s the best way to contact you?

  4. YaBalu says:

    Assalamu alaikum n Eid mubarak. kai its been a while- ramadhan was hectic n my internet subs finished somewhere in the email is– o tjust in cas eu want to call – its +238098091510- im in naija- maiduguri to be premise. working with the Pharmacists Council of nigeria. PCN- try n have a masters b4 coming back unless u have the pharm D – still not recognised in the public sector thou- all the same a masters degree is worth th while- still regretting why i didnt stay back to have one( i studied in Amman) the university system is still crappy down here( a story for another day is my attempt at getting a masters here), the PCN is the body charged with the regulation of the practice of pharmacy- we also keep a register n issue the licence to practice. a Charismatic Ahmad tijjan Mora is the registrar- As a foreign trained pharmacist u will have to undergo a mandatory short course when u get back.- in case u do an inertnship there( its really fun to do it in naija- real popping-eye opener., get ur certificates all ready b4 u come back oh n certified by the nigerian embassy. later gal- its eid here today- all the best.

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