My Latest toy!

My dad had a Polaroid camera in the 80s and 90s but it was “precious” and we weren’t allowed to touch it. It mysteriously stopped working and that was around the time that Polaroid cameras were being phased out so we just stuck to good old film cameras.

Many, many, many years later, Polaroids have made a comeback! (Did they ever really leave? Well it’s a comeback in my life, how about that?)

I first heard about the Fujifilm Intstax mini on Chalya’s lovely blog and I remember thinking “wow, I’d love that!” Then later on the same day, I was out to dinner with some friends when I saw that my friend Mei-Ying had one! That was it, I knew It was meant to be. I tried it out and loved it instantly. I got home that night and ebayed my very own Polaroid camera!

There’s always a time between my last online shopping order and the time when I sign off the delivery person’s register that I’m filled with uncertainty, excitement and anticipation. All I can talk about is my loot that’s yet to arrive, whether people want to listen to it or not. This awkwardness is followed by a surge of endorphins as I (ever so carefully) open the stamp coated manila envelope to reveal my precious purchase. This, and the ease of convenience is why I am addicted to shopping online.

Drumroll ladies and gentlemen as I present you the latest addition to the Drama Queen’s hoarded items (aka, pile of things that I love at first but then get hoisted to a storage box or under my bed and will only resurface when I’m moving)

Yup, It’s pink!
It’s available in white, pink and blue.

I love it because…

The camera at least. On it’s own, the camera costs about AU$80 – AU$90 which is very reasonable! Especially for someone like me who is hoping to buy a DSLR camera soon (starting price for Canon EOS DSLR twin lens – AU$1000!).

The photo Quality! For a camera so cheap, I really expected the photo quality to be nothing to write home about. But it shocked me in a very good way. Will properly scan my photos and show you 🙂

There are 4 picture settings
Each depending on the conditions of the object.
And oh, the flash when set to indoor is powerful!

The novelty! It’s like taking an arcade photobooth with you every where you go. My friends used magnets and put them up on their house fridge.

I have a problem with…

The camera size! For something that spits out credit card sized little Polaroids, it’s a handbag nightmare! Cannot fit into most clutch bags and will consume a lot of space in normal bags.

Side by side with a CD. It’s big right?

The cost of the films! I think it’s a little unreasonable. I got 50 films when I bought mine (Total camera + film = AU$120) and it seemed worth it. But if I run out, I dunno how happy I’ll be to cough up $$ for new films. The good news is if you bulk buy them, the films can come around to about $1/film. Let’s hope with time, they’d get cheaper and cheaper. Fingers crossed 🙂

But everything else is Loveliness!

I tried it out at my brother’s place last night. Some of my Perth family and I met up to break our fast. They wanted to make fun of me at first but when they saw the awesomeness of the camera, they retreated.

This is the picture of a picture so it doesn’t look as good as it does in real life

I plan to use it for scrapbooking! I have a folder on my desktop labeled “Scrapbook – to print” and now it’s almost 2GB big and I haven’t printed them out! So I welcome the idea of instant photos! Just found a large unused self-adhesive album on my shelf so I’m making a new scrapbook… hmmm, what theme should  I use? Maybe I should make a Ramadan scrap book!

Lot’s of Instant Love!

Fatima “” Bukar

P.S. Fujifilm didn’t pay me for this review o! I just genuinely like this product 🙂 🙂

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5 Responses to My Latest toy!

  1. Russol says:

    my god! fatima, I haven\’t been here since the UWA days I think!I love your randomness 😀

  2. Joanna says:

    HI FATIMA!!!! Yay I finally commented! That is an AWESOME camera btwCheers!Jo

  3. Abdulkadir says:

    🙂 it is good to always have something that you love. I think it will be good if Fujifilm pay you for this review you deserve it… was the sallah celebrations?

  4. Sasha says:

    Oh so that\’s what they\’re called! Polaroid cameras! I want one of those! Maybe now I\’ll get that one 🙂 Thanks for the review! I get like this too when I really like something. People think I\’m selling whatever it is LOL

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