So lately I’ve been receiving a lot of “Where-the-hell-are-you” emails and comments and it’s only fair fair that I address my sudden disappearance.

  1. I’ve been on a long (much deserved) holiday – and I had MAD FUN! SO much fun that I forgot what the word “blog” meant. I went to Nigeria and I went to Egypt! Took sometime time out to holla at my buddy, Tut!
  2. I just returned to Perth and I am as homesick and jetlagged as ever! I clean the house at 3am and start yawing at 2pm
  3. I have been focusing on finishing my Masters degree (Only 6 months to go! Yippeee!)
  4. I have been “writing”. Yup, yours truly will soon be adding “author” to her list of work experience… excerpts will be posted soon.

So that’s it from me for now, my new years resolution (as always) is to blog regularly! And if you people don’t hound me about it, I’d probably slack off again…

Topics in the works

  • Eid 2009 – Behind the scenes!
  • Oh, Cairo!
  • Ceddi what?
  • But I’m not ready yet!
  • Define Materialistic
  • Vlisco exhibition
  • Don’t molest me, I didn’t do it!
  • Things that make you go ehn?
  • Lampshade DIY
  • Glass painting

I better get to it then!

I have missed my blog so so much!

Lots of intermittent love!

Fatima “MIA” Bukar

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3 Responses to Found!

  1. YaBalu says:

    welcome back lil Sis thou just when i was abt celebrating i found a lil Pharmacist to groom u run off on us all. cant wait to hear all abt ur vac. so get over the lag n get on it gal-story teller u!welcome back dear.

  2. Unknown says:

    welcome join us!! 原 色 影視論壇

  3. Abdulkadir says:

    Ohh welkome back, we really missed your words……hugs

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