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Potluck Dinners!

(Written July 09, found whilst carrying out a "draft folder cleanup". Taken with an old camera so photo quality is not at its best.)

I had an invite to my "Perth sister’s" place for a potluck dinner one Friday night. Now there are many things that Fatima Bukar does and a potluck dinner is not one of them. I hardly ever get invited anyway so it’s not as if I snub potluck dinners. I usually attend dinners where we eat out or the host cooks. I lived on campus for 4 years and we had food cooked for us and on the rare occasions where I got invited to a potluck dinner, I simply dropped by the Caltex on Stirling Highway and bought a tub of Connoisseur ice-cream. But my Perth sister is very special to me. No way a $6.95 tub of ice cream would do! SO with that on my mind, I came up with


You’ll need

Puff Pastry sheets ( 9 x 9 inches)

Nestle Melts Compound Chocolate Buttons (Cooking chocolate)

1 egg, beaten (optional)

That’s it!

I know what you’re thinking. What kind of a dessert is this? Is Fatima out to poison us? Well not today, I’m not. This innovation blew me away too. I didn’t even know my brain had the capacity to come up with such, but it did! Thanks to the boring library! I got my friend Karena to help me out (not that I needed it :P) but because she was invited too, might as well share the love.

1.     Bring the pastry out of the freezer and thaw for about 10-15 minutes (no longer than that! Will become floppy!) Preheat the oven at 200°C

2.     Lay the pastry sheets flat on a work surface and cut in half with a straight line

3.     Align the chocolate in a line in the middle of each side of the pastry as shown above. We ended up using dark chocolate and white chocolate as opposed to just milk chocolate.

4.      Fold each side of the pastry, wrapping the chocolate line in the middle. Now you’ll have 2 rolls each about 1.5” inches wide.

5.      Cut each roll into four 4 mini rolls.

6.      Repeat this as much as you want. I made quite a lot because we had to feed many people

7.      Place it on a greased oven tray ( I usually use foil paper because I’m becoming a germophobe! Long story man!)

8.      Lightly glaze the surfaces with the egg and using a cooking brush and put in the oven. I actually added honey to my egg and used it not only as a glaze but a sweetener as well.

9.     While you’re waiting, get two freezer bags (abi na Santana?) out and open them like shown above

10.   Place chocolate into the corner of the bags and tie it well.

11.   Place the chocolate on a plate (you’ll thank me for this later) and microwave on “High” for 90 seconds.

12.   Now go check on your pastry and make sure it hasn’t burnt! If it hasn’t give yourself a pat on the back, then turn on your music, dance like no one’s watching and take crazy narcissistic pictures of yourself while you wait!

13.   Finally! It is done. You pull your picturesque honey golden looking delicacy out of the oven and straight into the fridge. (Huh?) Just do what I said and don’t ask questions! Hehe I have to admit, I can get a little bossy when it comes to kitchen stuff (Forgive me Karena! *sniff sniff*). You need the pastry to cool so that you can garnish it beautifully.

14.   When it’s cool, make a pin sized hole in the tips of the plastic bag and use the micro-waved chocolate as a piper! You see I don’t have any baking utensils so I had to improvise. Make squiggly swirls with the chocolate and give your beautiful pastries a professional look.

White Choc

Milk Choc

And you’re done! All ya have to do now is eat it!

Less than 1 hour man! SO easy so straight forward! Everyone loved it! Well, everyone except one person that tried to compare it to a chocolate croissant….he didnt make it to the end of the meal….:) Nah I’m  just playing….he’s still alive…though not for long 🙂

Lots of creamy Chocolatey love!

Fatima "I-will-make-you-fat" Bukar


Did you know that everything for this cost less than $10?

$ 3.79 – 6 Puff Pastry sheets ( 9 x 9 inches)

$ 3.50 – 1 x 360g Nestle Melts Compound Chocolate Buttons (and you’ll only use less than half self!)

That’s a real bargain in these times of recession (hehehe! I had ta add that in).

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  1. Hilaluddeen says:

    yummy,i want.Been salivating since i saw it.

  2. Adaobi says:

    This is sooo wrong 😀

  3. Abdulkadir says:

    They look delicious….

  4. Fåtímå says:


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