Dementia is supposed to be at least 60 years away….

…but according to recent events, I’m beginning to think it’s a lot closer than I might want it to be. It all started with a plate of hot cross buns…

I took 2 lovely hot cross buns out of their plastic bag, fresh and marshmallow soft. I put them in the microwave and set it to two minutes on reheat, like I always do.

10 minutes later I noticed the microwave hadn’t beeped.

I went back and opened it. Lo and behold. The hot cross buns were missing.

“What?” I was shocked.

How can a plate of hot cross buns go missing from the microwave just like that? I was home alone, nobody could have taken them. And judging from the borborygmi in my tummy, I definitely hadn’t had any food this morning.

Disappointed at the buns which were supposed to be only thing that could lighten my mood this morning, I dismissed the disappearing act as an event beyond human  comprehension and understanding.

“Perhaps the microwave was hungry too.”

Come to think of it, we always tempt it with a wide range of food but when have we ever stopped to ask poor Mikey the Microwave what he cared to eat?”

I decided to settle for some frozen yoghurt. So I open the freezer. What do I see? My two lovely hot cross buns staring back at me!

“How did they get here?” The answer is simple; my microwave sits on top of my freezer. i had put the buns in the freezer instead of the microwave and I thought I had set it to 2 mins but I actually hadn’t. It was all a misunderstanding.

Relieved that I don’t have to read Ayatul Kursi whenever I used the microwave, I opened my cutlery drawer to get a knife and the first thing I saw was the beading plier I was searching for yesterday! I returned it to the beading box and I found my pharmacy student badge that I’d been looking for since January! I opened the fridge to return the yoghurt and I found sitting in a plastic bag my debit card! The one that I had declared missing a month ago and even ordered a new one which I have been using for the past three weeks!

So you see, I’m not just being an over reactive drama queen, I have a reason to be concerned about my short term memory. My doctor friends think I’m just way too busy to remember things. Or maybe I’m going through a stressful phase with uni.

But I know what’s happening. It’s these damn hot cross buns! Never before have I been this addicted to them. I actually can’t remember the last time I bought bread! Bread is just too boring! All I care about is my fruity hot cross buns! Morning, afternoon, night! The sweet aroma wafting across your nose. The warm, succulent feeling of that first bite. The hot, melting fruit alternating between what I can only describe as the best way man can ever use dough. And after you’ve swallowed it all, the craving of the next bite to repeat that cycle of bliss over and over and over again! That’s all I want right now! Gimme hot cross buns!

I think I’m freaking out because after Easter, hot cross buns cease to exist. That just has to be the cruelest, meanest and unjustifiable act in the culinary world. Why can’t e have them all year round? *sigh* I guess I have to learn to make them by myself now. Have to search for a good recipe.

Oh, have to go now, microwave just beeped. Guess what I’m having?

Lot’s of cinnamon fruity love!

Fatima “What’s my other name again?” Blank

P.S. Happy Easter to my Easter celebrating friends! 🙂

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1 Response to Dementia is supposed to be at least 60 years away….

  1. Abdulkadir says:

    Hmm, this is a nice entery lady, I love the cross burn most, hmmm yummy…

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