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My Latest toy!

My dad had a Polaroid camera in the 80s and 90s but it was “precious” and we weren’t allowed to touch it. It mysteriously stopped working and that was around the time that Polaroid cameras were being phased out so … Continue reading

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That darn typo!

So i was just answering an Augmentin case study due tomorrow morning, and since this was somewhat last minute, i happened to be typing really fast. I hardly ever cross check my work (which is a very bad habit, kids). … Continue reading

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Much ado about…Lipstick?

There are certain times when studying pharmacy really kicks my butt (like now) that my mind wanders off the weirdest most random things. Most of the time, I’m thinking about what I’d rather be doing than this. Today, while struggling … Continue reading

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If the new UWA science library has hidden cameras…

  …then I’m about to make a youtube a viral video! Spent the last 20 minutes dancing in the quiet resource room because I am bored outta my mind! Let’s just hope what looks like a security camera is actually … Continue reading

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Celebrity Spotting?

It has only been one week since Uni resumed from the winter break and yours truly has already had her fair share of embarrassing moments. These days, it seems I’m actually becoming immune to being embarrassed (Hope I don’t jinx … Continue reading

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The Return of Marty Simpson

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I love reality TV. Well, not just reality TV but good reality TV shows. Idol, X-Factor, Talent, Big Brother Australia (yes, I admit it!), Masterchef, ANTM you name it, I love it! Although … Continue reading

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Settling in…

I recently moved out of St Catherine’s college, which was my home for four years. I had a beautiful flat, furnished right up to the scented tissue paper in my wonderful bathroom. My 2nd floor perch had 1 bedroom, a … Continue reading

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