My Latest toy!

My dad had a Polaroid camera in the 80s and 90s but it was “precious” and we weren’t allowed to touch it. It mysteriously stopped working and that was around the time that Polaroid cameras were being phased out so we just stuck to good old film cameras.

Many, many, many years later, Polaroids have made a comeback! (Did they ever really leave? Well it’s a comeback in my life, how about that?)

I first heard about the Fujifilm Intstax mini on Chalya’s lovely blog and I remember thinking “wow, I’d love that!” Then later on the same day, I was out to dinner with some friends when I saw that my friend Mei-Ying had one! That was it, I knew It was meant to be. I tried it out and loved it instantly. I got home that night and ebayed my very own Polaroid camera!

There’s always a time between my last online shopping order and the time when I sign off the delivery person’s register that I’m filled with uncertainty, excitement and anticipation. All I can talk about is my loot that’s yet to arrive, whether people want to listen to it or not. This awkwardness is followed by a surge of endorphins as I (ever so carefully) open the stamp coated manila envelope to reveal my precious purchase. This, and the ease of convenience is why I am addicted to shopping online.

Drumroll ladies and gentlemen as I present you the latest addition to the Drama Queen’s hoarded items (aka, pile of things that I love at first but then get hoisted to a storage box or under my bed and will only resurface when I’m moving)

Yup, It’s pink!
It’s available in white, pink and blue.

I love it because…

The camera at least. On it’s own, the camera costs about AU$80 – AU$90 which is very reasonable! Especially for someone like me who is hoping to buy a DSLR camera soon (starting price for Canon EOS DSLR twin lens – AU$1000!).

The photo Quality! For a camera so cheap, I really expected the photo quality to be nothing to write home about. But it shocked me in a very good way. Will properly scan my photos and show you 🙂

There are 4 picture settings
Each depending on the conditions of the object.
And oh, the flash when set to indoor is powerful!

The novelty! It’s like taking an arcade photobooth with you every where you go. My friends used magnets and put them up on their house fridge.

I have a problem with…

The camera size! For something that spits out credit card sized little Polaroids, it’s a handbag nightmare! Cannot fit into most clutch bags and will consume a lot of space in normal bags.

Side by side with a CD. It’s big right?

The cost of the films! I think it’s a little unreasonable. I got 50 films when I bought mine (Total camera + film = AU$120) and it seemed worth it. But if I run out, I dunno how happy I’ll be to cough up $$ for new films. The good news is if you bulk buy them, the films can come around to about $1/film. Let’s hope with time, they’d get cheaper and cheaper. Fingers crossed 🙂

But everything else is Loveliness!

I tried it out at my brother’s place last night. Some of my Perth family and I met up to break our fast. They wanted to make fun of me at first but when they saw the awesomeness of the camera, they retreated.

This is the picture of a picture so it doesn’t look as good as it does in real life

I plan to use it for scrapbooking! I have a folder on my desktop labeled “Scrapbook – to print” and now it’s almost 2GB big and I haven’t printed them out! So I welcome the idea of instant photos! Just found a large unused self-adhesive album on my shelf so I’m making a new scrapbook… hmmm, what theme should  I use? Maybe I should make a Ramadan scrap book!

Lot’s of Instant Love!

Fatima “” Bukar

P.S. Fujifilm didn’t pay me for this review o! I just genuinely like this product 🙂 🙂

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That darn typo!

So i was just answering an Augmentin case study due tomorrow morning, and since this was somewhat last minute, i happened to be typing really fast. I hardly ever cross check my work (which is a very bad habit, kids). In fact, whenever I read my past blog posts I always go tut, tut, tut! But today, I decided to skim through my case study just in case my answer didn’t make sense. Then I found this

Do you have any idea how inappropriate that word is? (Or am I the only one with a perverted mind?)

Now before you tell me "You should’ve looked at the red line," Pages (Mac Word processing software) always underlines words that are not written in American English and you can’t change it to any other languages (intolerant much?) and since I have to hand in my assignments in UK or Aussie English, many words get the red underline. It seems with time I am learning to ignore the underline and this nearly made me hand this in!

Other stupid typos I have committed

When I was studying my foudation at Taylors, I did really well in English. My essays were always praised and one time, my argumentative essay even made it to the community Newspaper! So in the peak of my "English success" I handed in a huge essay about Courage and Endurance, thinking once again, I was going to top the class. When I got it back, I had absolutely no corrections, tick, tick, tick all the way through and even posisitve remarks! But somehow, I had lost 5%. I kept checking and checking and there it was – right at the concluding paragraph…. I meant to write:

"… from this analysis, we can deduce Sarina Russo’s father …"

but instead, I wrote

"… from this analysis, we can seduce Sarina Russo’s father …"

Embarrassment is an understatement of my situation that day.

I had to go and apologise to Sue, my English teacher and for the next few days couldn’t even look her in the eye.


The most embarrassing one! – A few years ago I was msn chatting with a guy I had a huge crush on (Oh, da good old days!). We hadn’t chatted in a while and he asked me if I was avoiding him, to which I replied.

"No I’ve just been very busty these days!"

Busty instead of Busy!!!! What’s worse? I didn’t realise until he replied with a ??? Gosh, I just wanted to sink into the ground and never resurface again! So embarrassing and it could’ve easily been true! Stupid double entendre typo! Shame things didn’t work out with him though (and NO! it wasn’t because of the Typo!….I think….) Hehehe, dude had other issues! Anyways that’s history now though. I think he is married… probably to a girl that can spell properly *sigh*

What’s the worst typo you’ve committed?

P.S. I was just watching Dexter’s Lab online and realised how much I miss it 🙂

Lots of Louve Kove Lover Louvre Luve Love

Fatima "Ba Turanci" Bukar 🙂

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Much ado about…Lipstick?

There are certain times when studying pharmacy really kicks my butt (like now) that my mind wanders off the weirdest most random things. Most of the time, I’m thinking about what I’d rather be doing than this.

Today, while struggling hard to learn certain Health Economic concepts for a big test on Tuesday, I’m thinking of how cool it will be to be the person with the job of cuttng up lipstick samples? Not sure what I’m talking about?

You know how you see it in magazines? Magazines never show lipsticks in their small retractable tubes. They show them detached, cut up and sometimes smeared. Kind of like this.

So I’m wondering…

Whose job is it to cut it up?

Do they require special training?

Do they cut it up with a craft knife? Kitchen knife? Pen knife? Some electric knife?

Are they allowed to touch it with their bare hands or do they wear gloves?

What happens to the lipstick after the photos have been taken?
Do they throw them away or do the Magazine staff use it?

Do they put it back into it’s retractable case?

As an awoof lover, am I allowed to take some?

Do they melt them into lipgloss?

Is that how they make lip palettes?

As a wannabe pharmacist, the first thing that comes to my mind when I see cut up lipsticks in magazines are suppositories. The similarity is uncanny.

What came first? The lipstick or the suppository?

Who copied whom?

Did the suppository inventor see a person using a lipstick and decided “Why not make suppositories like that?” Or was it the other way around?

Either way it would’ve been gross. I assume.

Do they use the same base to make both products?

Are suppositories just lipstick without the colour? Lipsticks infused with drugs?

If accidentally interchanged, will lipsticks provide the same laxative effects as glycerine suppositories?

Are lipsticks just drug-free, overdressed and over priced suppositories?

Last year in compounding labs, we made suppositories with disposable plastic moulds. Is that how lipsticks are made too?

How about those “Magic Lipsticks” that we had in Nigeria when I was a kid?

Those mysterious novelty ones that are green but when you put them on your lips they appear red or pink, how do they work?

Are they like those “mood” rings? Then why don’t they change back to green when you’re cold?

Does anyone remember studying make-up for Home Economics JSS WAEC? Do you remember that page in the textbook that shows you how to apply lipstick? It has a lady applying A LOT of lipstick ad then blotting it with paper. Whenever I read that pageI wondered "Why apply so much in the first place if she’s going to blot it out anyway?"

My favourite Lipstick of all time is Maybelline New York’s Sangria Splash Wet Shine Fusion Lipstick

Sadly, I think Maybelline has stopped producing it cos I can’t find it anywhere! Did they not want to be associated with me?

My favourite Red lipstick is Dark Cherry by DB Savvy (An Aussie brand). Looks perfect on dark African skin. Doesn’t have that annoying "looks red but appears orange" effect.

Dyu know what I do to stop lipstick from sticking to my teeth? (Do you even care, really?)

I’ll leave you with this – A lipstick scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Longer version available HERE

Lots of Long Lasting Lip Colour and Shine Love

Fatima 🙂 🙂

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If the new UWA science library has hidden cameras…


…then I’m about to make a youtube a viral video! Spent the last 20 minutes dancing in the quiet resource room because I am bored outta my mind! Let’s just hope what looks like a security camera is actually a smoke alarm…. but why will a small room have 3 smoke alarms? hmmmmmm… I have a friend that works here, calling her right away!
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Celebrity Spotting?

It has only been one week since Uni resumed from the winter break and yours truly has already had her fair share of embarrassing moments. These days, it seems I’m actually becoming immune to being embarrassed (Hope I don’t jinx myself).

So I was walking around the UWA campus when I spotted an interesting person.

Oh my goodness! It’s Agyness Deyn

Or someone that looks and dresses exactly like Agyness Deyn!!!

It wasn’t my direction, but I followed the person who seemed to be going towards the Arts building here at UWA.

Checkered fedora – ✔
Red and white horizontal striped scarf – ✔
Platinum blond Louise Brooks Haircut – ✔
Ultra skinny jeans – ✔
Black Leather biker jacket – ✔
Leather cross body sling bag – ✔

And like Tim Gunn will say, she was making it work!

I had no idea why I was following her. I knew it wasn’t the real Agyness Deyn but that didn’t stop me. I felt she ought to know that she has a wonderful sense of style. (People like hearing that right?) People love being complemented, especially for something as personal as style. I was going to suggest she sends her style to Pelican, the UWA student magazine because Lord knows that magazine needs help – esp in the fashion department. I’m not saying it’s a crap publication, It’s actually pretty good. But the articles are more like long winded essays with vocabulary that’d make even Wole Soyinka scratch his head. Pelican needs to be more fun-focused…*sigh*

Anyways, I increased my pace. I even had a floor plan worked out in my head.

I had reached and intercepted her and…

Oh, Snap!



It’s not a girl.




Another quick anatomical scan – Yup, definitely not a girl. In fact, not only was this a boy/man, he also seemed a little emo.

Think, Fatima, Think!

What do I do?

  1. Say the truth – “I think you dress like a very stylish girl.” Hmmm, he may not take it well.
  2. Turn around and run! Run like Bolt, dammit!
  3. “Oops, didn’t mean to bump into you. My leg accidentally twisted and I ended up on your path” end it with a nervous giggle.
  4. "Wow, you have impeccable eye-lining skills" Which he did! His eyes were so perfectly lined I won’t mind asking him to teach me how. Esp if I use traditional Kohl, it would look wonderful!

Didn’t know when my mouth opened and I said:

“Excuse me Do you know the way to Kim Beazley’s office?” (Kim Beazley = former Australian Prime Minister Candidate that now works at the Arts &  Humanities Faculty in UWA)

Lame, Lame, Lame!!! But hey, at least it’s a question, better than lying right?

At least I got an “um, no?” answer from him, so maybe I came off as genuinely lost. *sigh* I’m sure he things I’m very strange, but then again, who doesn’t? 🙂 Oh well, I’d probably never bump into him again so it’s all good.

But seriously though, What do you think about men in skinny jeans?

The other day I was at The City and I saw a black guy in skinny jeans I don’t know why but something did not feel right. Would it have been more acceptable if he didn’t wear a leather jacket? Did his desert scarf also add to it?

Maybe it’s because of my brothers. They used to wear the baggiest pants my Mum used to threaten to light a fire to the part that drags on the ground.

Maybe the media projects images that makes us want to classify people into categories. Why is it that when people see dreadlocks, we automatically think –> Hippie! When we see a White guy in Urban wear like Vokal or AKDMKS, we think Wigga! ISn’t that like passing judgment before we even get to know the people?

For instance, Agyness Deyn look alike might not even be emo! Maybe he just likes to dress in skinny jeans and wear eye-liner. Too bad if that makes him look like Agyness Deyn. But if he’s happy, then I’m happy that he’s happy! Good on ya bruv!

I shd end here, I have started rambling.

PS- Just realised I  overused the word "Maybe" in this post. Maybe I just love it 🙂

Lot’s of Definite love with no Maybes

Fatima Bukar 🙂

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The Return of Marty Simpson

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I love reality TV. Well, not just reality TV but good reality TV shows. Idol, X-Factor, Talent, Big Brother Australia (yes, I admit it!), Masterchef, ANTM you name it, I love it! Although I draw the line at Koko Mansion or anything related to Flavour of Love or Playboy Mansion type stuff. Currently loving True Beauty.

Sidenote – I think Koko Mansion is such a waste of time! I hate judging
people’s personality because I  usually think "Who am I to judge? I’ve
got my bad, what makes me think I’m better than them." But Koko mansion…. No comment. I’m not saying the contestants are bad, no I’m
saying the show is WHACK! I knew I wouldn’t like it even before I
watched it and yes, I judged the book by it’s cover (or in this case, judged
the show by it’s misogynistic cover-boy). Watched a few clips from
Nigezie’s YouTube Channel and …..well, NO COMMENT. Do you watch Koko
Mansion? What are your views? Post a comment

Here’s Marty Simpson, my favourite male contestant from Australian Idol 2007.

He didn’t really stand out at the audition stage but he sung the Fray’s Cable Car at the top 24 and completely won me over. My friend Savi used to think I was a loser for voting for Marty but babes, we were 20 year olds that swooned over idol contestants, I think we were both losers! 😛

His voice is very chilled and laid back – think Jason Mraz. He had a few original work even when he was on idol but even his covers had an exceptional originality and inventiveness to them. There’s a clearly a lazy reggae influence in his style which I totally adore.

Why am I filling your ear with Marty Simpson? because he’s back! He is
set to release an album sometime this year (not sure when) but I can’t
wait! in the mean time, listen to his Aussie idol performances to understand what I’m talking about.

Here he sings "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam and  "Won’t back down" by Tom Petty (I prefer his version of Last kiss!).

Another Highlight – he performs "You sexy thing" by hot chocolate.

Oh and one more thing. Sorry to break your hearts ladies but he’s still dating Lana Krost from Idol 07! I seriously thought they were just rumours but it’s been 2 years and they’ve got very recent lovey dovey pictures on myspace. *sigh*

It’s not everyday you come across "non-mainstream" Aussie singers and when I do I get super excited. will let you know when the album is out.

Lot’s of Martilicious Love

Fatima B 🙂

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Settling in…

I recently moved out of St Catherine’s college, which was my home for four years. I had a beautiful flat, furnished right up to the scented tissue paper in my wonderful bathroom. My 2nd floor perch had 1 bedroom, a living room, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a huge balcony. I got food covered, they cleaned once a week, internet included, Cable TV and of course, wonderful company. Being an RA I got to live for next to nothing! You people know me and my awoof tendencies now. Until one fine day, I decided to call it quits. It was part of the “self liberation program” that my parents have encouraged me to start (that’s a story for another day).

Anyways, since I moved to this new Aje kpako lifestyle I have added some new words to my vocabulary. Most of them were a rude awakening.

Rent ~ contrary to what Nollywood has taught me, Caretaker no dey come remind you to pay rent o! Thank God for automatic Bpay transfers.

Cooking ~ because Mummy is 8 time zones away.

Groceries ~ No, the fridge does not automatically stock itself. Shocking.

Furniture ~ apparently they don’t always come with the place neither do they germinate out of the wooden floors.

Ikea ~ The answer to all of life’s problems. Why make war when you can make a bookshelf?

Neighbours ~ Not the TV show, annoying ones that smoke on their balconies so it blows in and pollutes your beautiful air.

I have been trying my best to settle in but a few weeks ago, SOMEONE stole my mop! Yes my fancy schmancy mop! Granted I bought it from Crazy Clark’s for next to nothing, but it was still MY MOP! 😦 I put it outside to dry under the sun and I came home and it was gone! This is too reminiscent of boarding school! Friday nights, the nights before inspection everyone’s mop and scrubbing brush and buckets get stolen… Gosh I HATED inspection… I hated boarding school life… I loved the people though….

*sigh* but at least I’m surviving! My Dad told me I won’t last 1 month out of St Cats. It’s been 6 months. I should’ve bet him! Hehe. Oh well.

Life on my own is quite adventurous really. It’s taking me a while to adjust but I’m getting there. One step at a time…

Lot’sa homy love

Fatima “Bree Van De Kamp” Bukar

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