Exams r so yesterday. No more sleepless nights and ma circadian rhythm can finally be restored. 

U know mi, i gotta celebrate happy moments. Went out 4 dinner last nite . Of course with Sha and we ended up with a lil too much chilli in our food {not a good thing, right Sha? lol}.Anyways i better get going now, i’m going to da movies with Sha & Annie! I havent done dat in a long long time. Well Mr&Mrs Smith i’ll tell ya about it later.

Oh Vinisha just went home…it’s kinda sad cos i’m gonna be so bored in da next few weeks. and Oh there was a lot of crying…No not mi, Emilie cos she’s going for good and well ….    .

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2 Responses to ~*Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee*~

  1. Lauren says:

    heeeyyyy!!!aww… yeh would b kool 2 stay at st cats for hols! just think of wot u can get up 2! :)sooo cool exams r over! :)lol cyalauren

  2. -Shah.Sha.Sha Xi Da 莎希达. - says:

    wa cih. ia lo. Mr n Mrs Smith good one. LoL. laughed so much. nxt time watch movie again kz. it is a MUST.anyways, how ya doing at catz?????? MUST REMEMBER THE FRAME OKZ!!! (PRESSURE PRESSURE!!!!!!!)

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