New Graphics Tablet :)

I have always wanted one of these and now I have one! I am so happy! Woohoo! I bought it brand new online and it was so ridiculously cheap I almost feel like I stole it. (What’s the consequence for a temperamental Hausa girl arrested for stealing and hoarding totally awesome computer gadgets with no prior convictions?)

It takes a while to get used to it so I’m still trying to get a hang of it. Oh and by the by, yes, that’s my handwriting. I know, my handwriting isn’t all that great (looks better on paper!). In fact, my mum hates my handwriting so much that when I was in SS2 (Year 11) she bought me primary school “learn how to write books” to help me out. Imagine! Me, a 15 year old using books that were meant for 10 year olds?

I conveniently “misplaced” the books (sure, if that’s what you call giving it to the hostel cleaner as a Christmas gift to her children). Of course my writing has improved since then. It’s so funny how my mum tells me off for having bad writing, yet when its time to send a greeting card she comes looking for me to write the messages. Apparently I have good “ceremonial writing” *sigh* C’est la vie!


The drawing in the picture is weird, I know. If you’ve ever borrowed my lecture notes or sat next to me during a lecture or lab then I’m sure it looks familiar. It’s from a comic I draw during class when sweet distraction comes calling. I call them Cadbury Eggs – not because they look like Cadbury eggs (well, partially) but mainly because I came up with these 3 years ago in my second year pharmacology class while learning about the Bradbury-Eggleston Syndrome a.k.a Pure autonomic failure (PAF).

 Bradbury = Cadbury || Eggleston = Egg


On another note, i should really stop drawing in class! I had a Medicinal Chemistry test last Friday and I couldn’t really remember the details of Penicillins and acid resistance. I wrote only 2 lines for a 4 mark question! I got home and realised that on that lecture slide where acid resistance to penicillins was discussed, Miss Fatima Bukar had DRAWN A HEADLESS BURLESQUE DANCER DOING THE CAN-CAN DANCE! What the hell am i drawing a burlesque dancer for in a medicinal chemistry lecture? The picture was complete with a feathered boa, a corset, and hooker heels! There were music notes flying all over the page! Maybe Moulin Rouge was going through my head, I dunno! This is exactly the kind of things that I do that end up landing me in a load of embarrassment when I get caught! Can you imagine the lecturer at that point saying “Fatima, can you explain the mechanism behind acid resistance to penicillin?” What on earth would I have done? Stand up and say “Yes I can, can CAN! Yes I can, can CAN! Everybody can CAN!”? *shakes head*


Recent conversation with the Mummykins!

Hey ma! I got a tablet today!

Wow! You make tablets in your compounding labs?

No, not from school I got a tablet for myself

Tablets? I thought you said you were feeling better? What did the doctor say?

Yeah, I am, I feel wonderful…

So why do you need tablets?

No, Tablet! Just one.

But what do you need it for?

For arts and crafts and you know, other stuff.

What? You’re now taking drugs for art?

Huh? No, it’s not a drug. It’s a graphics tablet.

Ummi I feel very worried for your health. If something’s wrong tell me.

Mummy there is nothing wrong! It’s a tablet people use to draw into the computer.


For fun.

Why can’t you draw by hand?

I want it in the computer.

I thought you had a scanner.

I do.

So what’s the tablet for? Pain killer?

*sigh* I bought a drawing pad that will let me use a stylus pen to draw directly into the computer and then I can paint it and modify it in many ways.

Oh!!!!!!!! Like Photoshop? Why didn’t you say that in the first place?

I did!

No, you didn’t you said you needed tablets

No, I said I bought a tablet

Yeah and you got me worried that you were falling sick again
No I’m not sick I got a tablet as a hobby.

Why is it called tablet? It’s misleading. What kind of a name is that?

I think the real name is a human – computer graphics interface digitalising tablet or something like that – too long!

Or we’re too lazy to say the real name


Listen, why don’t you go and play with your digitalising graphics thing. Some guests just arrived. You know me; busy, busy all the time.

B –

I’ll tell your Daddy to call you,Okay? Massalam


*blink* *blink*

$50 she’ll research it intensively on google so that when next we talk, she’ll be a lot more informed and well, up-to-date with (in her words) the fast developing modern technology that is just a cover up for suspicious magic that has been “explained” by science. *sigh* don’t ya just love it when parents try to keep in touch with evolving technology?

Lot’s of scribbly, scribbly love

Fatima Bukar! ❤

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4 Responses to New Graphics Tablet :)

  1. šå₥ïřå says:

    Speaking of parents trying to keep in touch with evolving technology,my dad is taking computer lessons in his office,zucya yayi cuz when he comes home kowa is on his laptop so he vowed to learn so he can join the club haha..I crack up when he goes "nima de I\’ll soon master how to use a computer and I\’ll yahoo you"..Now I\’m worried he thinks the only point of learning how to use a computer is to go on yahoo,*smh

  2. šå₥ïřå says:

    By the way,that tablet thingy sounds cool as hell,can I draw designs on them and transfer to my laptop? If yes,hook me up with a link where I can order my own,thanks in advance 😀

  3. Abdulsheriff says:

    LOL! .. That has to be the funniest convo I have ever read (IF it is true by the way). And Fatima, you purposely said tablet so she would get confused, NOT FAIR! (I do the same to my mum anyway :D)

  4. Curious says:

    Guess who else randomly zones out and draws a lot of weird stuff in class? *Points to self* This guy! Haha :)Only in my case, my inattentiveness won\’t lead to second degree homicide; unless of course if by some miracle the AI system I create goes on a killing spree, which still, technically, won\’t be murder; more like genocide. Moreover, I\’m sure the computer will have a pretty good reason for doing that. You can\’t say the same about penicillin ;p~ Al AKA CrazySphinx.Pee-Es: Congratulations on the new tablet, junkie.

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